Tru X: Equality and Sustainability?

Tru X Economic Development Cooperatives from a gender perspective

From a gender perspective, Tru X Economic Development Cooperatives’ declarations and actions will be gender-neutral.
The Tru X model dictates that from its inception it will be gender-neutral, and remain that way throughout its life.
The Tru X models reason for being is fostered on the concept that we will be able to get full participation from a tipping point of Scholars, Professionals, and Workers in the Black community
Women will be involved in the organization. decision-making, administration, work pool, and volunteers.
The only perceived barrier will be in the workforce, we don’t expect to have a high percentage applying for manual-labor jobs.
Tru X as a cooperative enterprise, demonstrates an attachment to values such as equity and equality in our actions, demonstrating that we are truly gender-neutral. Our white paper addressing this subject fills this gap by determining if gender perspective is reflected in Tru X Economic Development Cooperatives’ declarations and actions and whether this perspective is related to cooperative size, adopted mode of governance, and cultural determinants of the Black(ADOS) community. This paper shows why gender equality is valuable to the Tru Xs federation of cooperatives and how the presented research results may be useful to practitioners, researchers, and policymakers.

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